Born Rebels - The Ultimate Cover Band Booking Agency
July 20, 2015
What better way to beat the summer heat than at a venue with AC! And with very special final shows (Sheezer), and the 40th anniversary of Born to Run (one of the best albums ever) there is lots to see on the Born Rebels Roster:

Wednesday July 22 - Black Pearls at the Dakota
(this is a gem of a video about how the Traveling Wilburys got started:

Thursday July 23 - The Bettys at the Painted Lady

Saturday July 25 - Zepplinesque at the Horseshoe Tavern

Wednesday July 29 - Copper Lassie at the Holy Oak

Thursday July 31 - The Double Cuts at the Dakota Tavern

Thursday July 31 - Sheezer at the Boathouse (Kitchener)

Thursday Aug 6 & Friday Aug 7 - Sheezer at Lee's Palace

Saturday July 29 - Tommy Youngsteen celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Born to Run at the Horsehsoe Tavern